DAWGS Door and Window Guards: Securing Vacant Property with Steel

DAWGS stands for Door and Window Guard Systems. We manufacture, rent, and install steel window and door guards for vacant properties. We’re different from other board up companies for a number of reasons.

First, our products are made from impenetrable, vandalismresistant, powder-coated steel. Our door and window guards secure buildings in some of the roughest neighborhoods in the nation, and they consistently stand up against multiple attempts to breach them.

Second, we rent rather than sell our products. We handle all aspects – delivery, installation, maintenance, and removal – and if you need assistance, we’ll be onsite ASAP.

The DAWGS Advantage

DAWGS Door Guards

Featuring the same six-point locking system used in bank vaults, DAWGS door guards give you the ultimate combination of security and convenience. Unlike electronic doors which can fail unexpectedly, our unique mechanical design grants you full access with no surprises. Available with different types of locking mechanisms, our door guards are equipped to handle both limited access and frequent entry, allowing you to control who enters your property.

DAWGS Window Guards

Our modular, solid steel window guards are designed to fit virtually any opening, and with our patented bracing system, they cover windows of all sizes and shapes without ever damaging your property. Because the bracing system that holds these DAWGS in place is only accessible from the inside, and can only be handled by a fast-response, authorized installation team, outside intruders never stand a chance.

Rehabbers Increase Your Profits with DAWGS!

Time is Money - DAWGS Steel Security allows for safe and secure managed access to your properties.

No Break-ins - Resulting in faster turnaround times, plus on-time, on-budget projects.

No Lock Boxes or Key Management - No need to coordinate keys and lock boxes with contractors and tradesman. DAWGS doors with a built-in 4 digit code solves this problem.

No Stolen Tools and Materials -A secure property means contractors can leave tools and materials in the property in the evening. This reduces the time and the cost of the rehab.

No Safety Concerns - Real estate agents sell properties a lot quicker because they feel safe showing the property and are guaranteed reliable access with DAWGS doors. Contractors also feel a lot safer working in a secure property.

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